Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Russian Pre Teen Blogspot Pre Teen Models Sites, Here's A Question.?

Pre Teen Models sites, here's a question.? - russian pre teen blogspot

Well, I connect to my computer today and I see a number of sites you have visited my friend (he forgot to delete) and click on it. They are the "legal" child modeling sites, according to one of them with nudity and one of them stop me a popup with the Russian side naked boys, 5 seconds, click the [X] to. First, I wanted to see what he saw. Here is my quesiton

Will I have problems, do not click on a link, but it was a popup that made me to a site that had led to illegal child pornography itself. I clicked within 5 seconds, will have problems. Child pornography and other legal cause me trouble, too? I'm in the mood to take the blame for the trash, raise your eyes. I'm curious to know what is legally modeling.com .... So I sent all kinds of waste sites. Help!


Lori K said...

His "friend" or is sick. Nobody knows what his team can see and yes, you will have problems for them. Could be in your best interest, or share the authorities and a lawyer. Interpol was really follow the IP addresses of people at these sites. His "friend" has protected himself at their expense. It may follow, but he can not follow you.

What is a friend.

Marine5 said...

No, not the inconvenience ...
When you know!

I would not let his friend use your computer
more ... by selling you that keeps your
.. clean equipment that is not a friend who is
with someone ... by illegal means ...

First, I want to tell the parents what
He raised his child pornography ... You call the police ...
You've just saved some children from
Raped and murdered!

I do not know how old you and your friends?
If you have small children in his family ...
ensure that it is never alone with them
anywhere, anytime, in addition to never touch
or any other child ever!

Stop Walking with this loser
perhaps because it leads into the depths of the disease
control ...

wizjp said...

many people came. "While there is no history, it would be nice if someone tried in the prosecution of the site.

The other is risky. Clear History and Cache and Cookies, and tell your friend who want to use his computer for the last time you speak, what I found, the police

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